So you know that thing I wrote about where I realized, after some soul-searching, that two of the things I really enjoy doing are taking long hot showers and eating chips? Well, update on that: my hot water tank broke and I am trying really hard not to eat chips. So, basically two of the things I enjoy most in life are being taken away from me — by ME!


The shower thing is because I keep forgetting that my hot water doesn’t work. Well, I obviously remember first thing each morning, but then by the time I get to work, it’s a distant, yet icily painful memory. So then I forget to call someone about it, until the next morning, when I go to take a shower and tell myself, “Oh god, I hate you so much right now.”

The chips thing, well, that’s just temptation avoidance. And I fight myself on it every day.

So basically, I’m my own worst enemy. I am thwarting my attempts of getting the smallest bit of pleasure out of the oft-futility that we call life and I have no one else to blame about it except for myself. I could kick myself. Ow. Now I have a bruise.

Damn me. Damn me all to hell.

Originally posted March 19, 2012


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