Floating. I was floating when I thought up this blog post. I was floating and I was thinking about pain. I was thinking about how as humans, we are designed to forget painful physical trauma, like, for example, childbirth. We forget so that we can do it again. It’s a survival of the species thing.

And then I thought, just as we are able to forget the bad stuff, we seem to pretty easily forget the good stuff too. Like, tomorrow, when I am at the office, wishing I was anywhere but, why couldn’t I just remember the feeling of floating in the still, crystal waters of Lake Huron, the temperature so on point that I’ve lost all sense of where my skin is, sun shining warm and bright down through the lake surface, magnifying and clarifying every grain of sand and algaed stone, beach glass glinting blues, greens, and bottle browns, far away kids’ voices happy and calm as they stuff themselves with crackers shaped like goldfish, but tasting like pretzels. All I have to do is remember and be there again soon.

Thanks for the lovely time, Clarksons.

Originally posted July 21, 2013


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