By request, this here’s a blog post about words that are funny. Now, because I can be kinda ANALytical, I’m going to categorize the giggle-inducing words by why they make us laugh.


They make us think of things that are dirty

In grade 5, my class went through a phase where the word bag would send us all a-snicker. Anytime someone would say that they needed to get their gym bag or put away their lunch bag, you’d hear stifled snorts. Regina was another one that would make us titter. I’m smirking right now as a result of typing titter. And don’t even try to talk to me about market penetration.

Also, balls.

They make funny sounds

Do you like jubejubes? Would you ever wear a muumuu? Ever visited Lake Titicaca? Enjoy a saucy babaganoush? I’m DYING right now.

They’re from a different time

Remember when your mom used to suggest that you put on a clean blouse and a nice pair of slacks or some gauchos instead? My mother used to try to get us to wear a morning gownClogs? What are they clogging? Just make sure you’ve got a brassiere on when you wear them.


Sometimes it’s not the words themselves, but the combination thereof. I find that anything paired with cheese makes me laff. Example: cheese mattress, cheese pencil, duck cheese. And then there’s the completely random combinations, from which my tumblr address came, in fact, partly because everything else was taken, the other part because I’d been having a conversation about it earlier in the day: mushroom pillowcase, monkey wallet, tuba beluga.

Oh, words, you’re so funny! Which ones make you guffaw?

Originally posted February 16, 2012


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